I’m writing this during a bad day for Tom. He’s in bed. He has been since 3pm. Sick bowl by the side of the bed. TPN running into his veins.

Unfortunately this is the reality of Gastroparesis.

It’s not being able to enjoy a day in the sun with your 2 year old and making sure you’re home by 3pm for when the nurse comes.

It’s insulin injections during the night and waking up at 5am to disconnect your feed.

Its getting sly comments through family members because people are too afraid to say it to say it to your face.

It’s not knowing whether your fiance will still be with you in the morning, or whether he’ll have been taken to A&E during the night.

It’s having your 2 year old learn to say hospital and blood sugars before he knows his colours.

It’s knowing Doctor Surgery receptionists by their first names and buying them all Christmas presents.

It’s having more nurses visit you than friends and knowing more medication than I have space in my brain for.

But it’s also getting to watch your little boys face light up when Daddy comes home and feeling like I’ve won the lottery when I actually get to go out for lunch as a family.

It’s appreciating all the tiny little things and knowing who your real friends are.

It’s having your relationship pushed to the absolute limits but not even slightly cracking it.


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